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I mentioned earlier that Channing is featured on the cover of the December issue of Esquire magazine! And thanks to my friend Luciana we have scans in our gallery now!

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November 22, 2014

The Hollywood Reporter shares that Channing is set to co-direct for the first time!

The ‘Foxcatcher’ star will co-direct The Weinstein Co. film with his partner, Reid Carolin

Channing Tatum and Reid Carolin are attached to co-direct and produce an adaptation of Matthew Quick’s YA book Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock for The Weinstein Co.

Tatum, receiving strong reviews in Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher and hot off Sony’s summer hit 22 Jump Street, would also possibly star in the film. The pair are developing the project for their Free Association banner and will produce along with the company’s Peter Kiernan.

Leonard Peacock centers on a troubled high schooler who plans to kill his best friend and then himself.

The search is on for a writer. If everything aligns, the in-demand star would play a heroic teacher who intervenes.

Quick, who wrote the novel Silver Linings Playbook, which spawned a critical and box-office hit for The Weinstein Co., has become a favorite with A-list talent. The author’s upcoming book, Love May Fail, is in the works at Sony, with Mike White adapting and Sam Raimi attached to direct.

With its themes of teen alienation, Leonard Peacock had been in development before attracting Tatum’s attention.

The dramatic role would be a departure from Tatum’s previous string of roles as a hunky romantic lead in both comedies and dramas. But in the wake of Foxcatcher, the actor has increasingly set his sights on more dramatic projects that offer an opportunity to produce and direct. Tatum and Carolin also are attached to co-direct crime thriller The Son, based on a novel by Jo Nesbo and set up at Warner Bros.

Tatum just wrapped shooting Magic Mike XXL and is attached to star in Fox’s X-Men spinoff Gambit, which Josh Zetumer is now writing. Foxcatcher opened Nov. 14.

Tatum and Carolin are repped by UTA, Management 360 and Hansen Jacobson.

Quick is handled by ICM Partners and Sterling Lord Literistic.

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November 22, 2014

Channing is one of the men featured in the new People’s Sexiest Men Alive issue! I have added a scan to the gallery!

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November 20, 2014

Thanks to Luciana we have a scan of Channing from the new issue of Vogue!

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November 20, 2014

Channing is on the cover of the December issue of Esquire and poses with a


At 34, the first honest-to-God movie star of his generation becomes something else entirely in the brutal and beautiful new wrestling movie Foxcatcher. But it didn’t just happen overnight.

Rainy night. At least part of the time.

A crab shack called the Crab Shack, on a coastal island in Georgia. The young waitress sets a plate of blue crabs and a ramekin of clarified butter on the table. And even though he surely knows that there are so many crabs in the world’s restaurants now that a single steaming plate of them ought not feel like a high holy day, Channing Tatum treats the food like an arrival, rumbling up his enthusiasm. “Oh yeah,” he says. “That’s right. That’s them, right there.” Chan to his friends, thirty-four years old, his baseball hat turned backward, tilted, metallic sticker still plastered against the underside of the brim, emphasizes the words in a way in which every syllable is accented. That’sthem, right there. Boom-boom, boom-boom. Dance beat. A little trochaic resonance under the arching ceiling formed by an ancient tangle of live oaks. And Tatum— the first honest-to-God movie star of his generation, one half of Jump Street, the engine and inspiration of Magic Mike, and one of the stars of Foxcatcher, the new drama about freestyle wrestling and murder—curls his fingers, raises a fist like he might be blowing a little horn, and speaks into it in a fake shout-out: Blue crab in the Crab Shack. That is what it is all about. He sounds so happy, laughing at the little orgy of the moment: crabs, night, rain, Yankees game on a Dixie flatscreen above the bar. Jeter. At his end, with no one watching from these quarters. And none of that rain getting through the branches above. His eyes on the rough, steaming blue-green hides, which is to say eyes down. A joyous and conspiratorial gaze that says Crabs, motherfucker! Crabs!

Then, with two little turns of the plate, the waitress orients all of them—eight, maybe nine crabs—facing me. They are mine. In front of Tatum, she places a single chicken breast, with the skin still on. He tugs at that skin, disappointed: He ordered it skinless. The waitress fills his water and asks, Barbecue sauce, maybe? “No, no,” he says, voice sunk, eyes down. “This is really fine. I’m like T-minus I-don’t-know-what to being naked all the time.” The sequel to Magic Mike starts shooting here, in Savannah, within a week, and he’s dieting and working out like mad to cut the last little bit of weight that a thirty-four-year-old might reasonably carry naturally. “It’s…what I’m doing,” he says to her of the impending nakedness. “It’s what I do.” He squints, then green-eyes her a bit from under his brow so that she gets it.

The waitress gives me a brief lesson on eating crab: “Don’t eat the lungs. Pick a starting point, and don’t put it down until you get what you wanted.”

And right there, Tatum purses his lips and nods. “Don’t eat the lungs.” And turning his fork in little wheel rotations in the air, speaking as if mainly to himself, he says: “You gotta make a plan.” The waitress giggles. Everything he says delights her.

“I would like to join you,” he says, gesturing to my plate. “I would like a beer. I would like to have some crab. I love eating. But this is what I’m doing right now.” And so, without comment or complaint, he begins to pick at the back of his chicken breast, and with his cheek full of chicken meat, me cracking and forking, he storytells his rise from lost boy to exotic dancer to fashion model, from soft-drink commercials to movie franchises and an Oscar-worthy film in which he himself is Oscar-worthy. He rolls out his childhood in Mississippi, adolescence in Florida, twenties in California, stories of how he moved from one little mess of trouble to another. And in the span of his story, as I do my damage to these crabs, Tatum barely moves, his T-shirt and hoodie hanging on his bones, his stillness a rebuke to the awesome physicality that has fueled his ascent. He eats about half of one chicken breast. With water. The stripper’s diet. The wrestler’s diet. Sore in muscle and bone, dizzy with hunger, all in service to the upcoming nakedness. It’s not that bad, he says. It’s what he’s doing.

November 17, 2014

CBS has released some clips from last night’s awards show … check them out!

Winning for Best Ensemble

Cast of Foxcatcher Speak with Gayle King

Backstage Interview with Channing & Steve

Top 10 Best Backstage Moments

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November 15, 2014
Posted by Ali

Channing and Jenna attended the Hollywood Film Awards where Channing was recognized along with his co-stars Steve Carrell and Mark Ruffalo for their work in Foxcatcher. They were awarded the Best Ensemble Award.

Thank you to Gabby & Nicole for donating some of these pics!

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November 15, 2014
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